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Ways of contacting me! Because depending on your usual default way of trying to contact people I might appear distant and hard to get ahold of or you might be wondering why I even feel this post might be helpful because I'm clearly around so much.

The best, easiest, usually fastest way to get ahold of me is email! My email address is the same as my LJ username at gmail. Commenting on my LJ or PMing me on twitter is the same as emailing me, I get notifications for both. I also get notifications for facebook but depending on my feelings on facebook and ability to remember my password I might not actually get around to replying even though I'll read it.

In terms of chat programs I'm almost always on gtalk although the status may be a lie. If you email me I can haul myself over to MSN but it's too clunky for me to like using all the time these days compared to gtalk.

I am better about my phone than I used to be! But I still might not look at it for a day or week on end so try email first. I also usually have my phone on silent so messaging me is probably a better bet than trying to actually call. I usually have my phone on me and charged and try to check it at least once or twice a day during term time, but during the holidays all bets are off. Seriously, email is probably better.

Home phone is... you'll probably have to leave a message and I don't check the messages so I'll only find out you left a message when my mother checks the messages. May or may not be more reliable than my mobile phone but on the other hand the response you get is probably going to be email/SMS anyway so you might as well use one of those methods.

One day I might update about Life Things but mostly I am kind of just using twitter for that.
That's just how it is

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Haha I haven't posted in here since March! I am still very much alive, just mostly using twitter now I guess kind of? It's study break hence the procrastinating on actual studying by posting here, but also there's a meme going around which I think is kind of cool, so Name a fandom and I'll give you some unpopular opinions about it.

In other news, my cat is the most adorable cat.
Bring forth the offerings!

Manga recs anyone?

Okay so manga is cheap here and very, very good for my reading skills (I'm thinking in terms of increasing my reading speed moreso than increasing my vocab). But most of the manga I can think of I've either read in English already or don't really have much interest in. So rec me things! I have a wide range of tastes except maybe for sports manga and also really really long series because even though it's cheap I don't want to be carting home 50 volumes of something. Bonus points if it's not completely obscure so I can get it second hand. For reference, if I think of my favourite manga the titles that spring to mind are FMA, Genshiken, and Paradise Kiss.
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To the mooooon!

I'm leaving for Japan tonight! In case anyone didn't know. I'm there for six weeks, arriving home on the 24th of February.

Anyway, since last time I went I didn't use my travel LJ nearly as much as I should have, this time I've decided to try Twitter instead. I figure I have more chance of doing lots of little updates than enough big ones. Soo bear with me as I figure out how it all works, and you can follow me at Polysymphonic. And let me know if you're on it cause I guess I might as well follow all of you too :P

And while I'm posting, they're making an animated version of Storm and it looks like it's going to be brilliant.
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Violet Squirrel


If you're planning on watching season four of Dexter and you don't want to be spoiled, watch it now. That spoiler is the kind of spoiler that is going to be impossible to avoid for more than a few days unless you play internet hermit.

Hooooooooooly shit
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